Science Meets Art Party

“The greatest scientists are always artists as well!”

Albert Einstein


As former engineers, we recognise the pivotal role that arts play in fostering holistic development in young minds. Art is not merely an expressive outlet; it's a powerful catalyst for imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving – key pillars of STEAM learning.

Dive into a world of wonder and excitement with our unique Science Meets Arts Party Package.

What's Included?

All materials for the activities are provided

Table set up and clean up

Party host to lead a captivating learning experience

Plant & Paint

How do plants make food? Let's get creative with this super fun activity! We bring this sweet and engaging experience directly to your event. Kids put on their creative spin on a pot and plant the perfect plant or succulents to take home. Great way to cultivate their love for nature.


Treasure Trove Paint & Hunt

A treasure hunt awaits! Personalise your very own treasure trove or one that doubles as a treasure box —initiate the art of saving in a uniquely creative way. Paint and cherish forever! Enjoy the all-inclusive painting and embellishments for endless creative possibilities.

Treasure Box Painting 2 rs
Treasure Box Painting 1 rs

Sunnies & Friendship Bracelets

Customising sunnies & making friendship bracelets! Are you ready for an epic celebration filled with sunshine, style, and a whole lot of fun? Customising sunnies & making friendship bracelets, everyone make and take home their creations.


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From birthday parties to educational sessions, we provide hands-on exploration and experiential learning through unique and engaging STEAM activities. Join us on a journey of discovery, fun, and empowering the innovators of tomorrow one experience at a time.